US Dollar Mixed this Morning

US dollar is mixed this morning on the Forex market as traders look for direction, and all of the latest news and information is processed. From China to Europe to Zynga, there is plenty to talk about today, and the US dollar is very mixed as a result.

Overnight, China provided some bracing words for Europe, encouraging leaders of the eurozone. Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of the People’s Bank of China, expressed confidence in the eurozone and said that China plans to invest more in the region. However, even so, the US dollar is currently higher against the euro.
Additionally, investors in the United States are looking to Zynga, the online game maker. The company recently offered its IPO, and it is very active today, helping propel US stock futures higher. European stocks are also mostly higher, and that is adding to the success of the Great Britain pound against the US dollar right now.
Greenback was higher against the Japanese yen after the Bank of Japan announced that it will expand its easing program but now the greenback is retreating. US dollar is lower against the Canadian dollar on higher oil prices and better stock performances. It will be an interesting day ahead.
At 14:23 GMT EUR/USD is lower at 1.3108, down from the open at 1.3134. GBP/USD is up to 1.5713 from the open at 1.5694. USD/JPY has dropped to 78.3020 from the open at 78.4380. USD/CAD is lower at 0.9954, down from the open at 0.9990.

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