Anything About Forex That You Cannot Comprehend?

The less discussed but nonetheless important feature of the foreign exchange market is that it has such a strong attractive power that many non-professional traders rush to jump into live account trading as soon as possible. Even with only superficial knowledge of the market’s underlying mechanics. Needless to say that it is a rather wrong thing to do. Like in every other field of expertise, FX requires complete understanding of its ins and outs in order to achieve a stable rate of success.
For example, some people fail to grasp the concept of margin trading — they understand that leverage is helping them to open bigger positions but cannot get how and why it is provided by the brokers. Others do not understand spreads — where do they come from and how they affect their trading. The same is often the case with the overnight interest rates (or swaps, or rollover rates).
Those who read enough about the basic Forex concepts may stumble on some of the less common aspects — such as hedging (or position locking), pyramiding, scaling positions, etc. Even though many currency traders know what the terms mean and even apply the techniques described by these terms, they rarely fully understand the every nuance of using them. And how about you?

Is there anything in Forex that you do not understand?

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