Norway Krone Falls as Officials Talk About Stimulus, Rebounds

The Norwegian krone fell today on signs that policy makers are ready to stimulate economy if its growth slows further. As of now, the currency managed to return above the opening level.
The Norwegian economy is not particularly bad, but officials are concerned about possible spillover of problems from the rest of the European Union. Sigbjoern Johnsen, the Norwegian Minister of Finance, said earlier this week:

To be faithful now, in a more turbulent situation, the framework of economic policy is vital, I would say, for the Norwegian economy going forward. We are vigilant in Norway. We will also try to adapt policy measures should there be any signs of increased challenges to the Norwegian economy, especially coming from the situation in Europe.

USD/NOK traded at 5.7390 as of 13:24 GMT today after rising from 5.7399 to 5.7544 earlier.

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