JPY Closes Almost Flat vs. EUR & GBP, Loses to USD

The Japanese yen closed little changed versus the euro and the Great Britain pound at the last session of this trading week, but lost to the US dollar.
The Forex market is still trying to digest this week’s announcement of the Federal Reserve. There is immense volatility on the market and the traders’ desire to risk is rather limited. Usually, such conditions are perfect for the yen, yet the currency was falling for the whole week and only on the last trading day it slowed the decline.
Haruhiko Kuroda, the Bank of Japan Governor, voiced hope that markets will stabilize in time. He also said:

Japan’s economy is likely to resume a moderate recovery as overseas growth picks up moderately and domestic demand remains resilient due to the effect of monetary easing and various stimulus measures.

EUR/JPY closed at 128.28 after rising from 128.53 to 129.67. GBP/JPY ended the trading session at 150.75, not far from the opening of 150.86.

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