Cheap Forex VPS from “Cheap Forex VPS”

Yes, Cheap Forex VPS is an actual name of a VPS company that caters to currency traders. Their main advantage is pretty obvious. Their main disadvantage too. Who would build a brand around such a name? No one. And why would a trader trust his live Forex account to a company that does not need to care about its reputation? Only because it is very cheap! Other important features of this VPS hosting are:

  • 5-day money-back guarantee.
  • They claim that their customer support personnel is qualified to provide assistance with setting up your MT4 on VPS.
  • $3.59/month will get you 5 GB HDD (SSD), 384 Mhz — 3.4 Ghz CPU range and 256 MB — 1 GB RAM range.
  • Bandwidth is unlimited on all plans — datacenter’s channel is 20 GB/s.
  • $3.59/month price is available only if paying for 2 years in advance, otherwise the cheapest is $17/month.
  • Cheap Forex VPS

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