Did You Make Any Profit in Forex in 2013?

This year was not very successful for my trading performance. Out of 19 FX and commodities trades that I have executed only 4 have been profitable, while the other 15 have been losses. I have recorded a loss of 8.8% this year, with a rather big part of profit originating from my trade in silver rather than in Forex. Obviously, it is not a good result, especially compared to my last year’s 26.7% profit.

I also have an open trade currently running in CHF/JPY with about 2.5% of unrealized profit. It had been opened in September, but since it was carried over to 2014, I do not count it in my 2013 results. In addition, there is a running NZD/JPY trade opened in January and a pending trade in EUR/USD. Although both of these entry patterns have been generated in 2013, I cannot attribute any potential profit or loss generated from them to my 2013 performance.
Following my tradition started with a similar poll for the year 2012, I would like to ask you about your trading results in 2013.

How profitable were you in 2013?

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If you want to give some details about your trading performance in 2013, please feel free to do so using the form below.

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