When Did You Last Trade Forex? Poll.

It looks like the Forex market has been offering a lot of excellent trading opportunities lately with many currency pair hitting multi-year record lows or highs. Part of this price action can be attributed to a rich diversity of the released macroeconomic reports across the world. Another part is definitely rooted in the commodity market volatility and important geopolitical conflicts. On the other hand, many traders could be discouraged to trade due to the upcoming holiday season, which may require some extra spending, while Forex position may last for a long time and require significant margin.
In my opinion, the lack of funds can be a valid reason to skip entries during the times of their abundance, but I still prefer not to miss anything. I have been making quite a few trades in the market recently compared to September-October period. At the same time, my last trade has been executed almost one week ago, on December 2. I would like to ask you when was the last trade that you have made? And if it was quite some time ago, what made you stop trading?

When did you open your latest Forex trade?

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If you want to tell the story your your most recent currency trade or if you want to talk about why have stopped trading Forex, please use the commentary form below.

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