Euro Continues Run in Forex Trading

Euro has been enjoying a run of relative strength in recent days, and today is no different. Evidence that maybe the ECB didn’t need to be quite so aggressive with quantitative easing, as well as better feelings about the Greece situation, have been supporting the 19-nation currency.

Euro is higher almost across the board today as its performance continues to show strength. After almost falling to parity in April, the euro is now surging above the 1.13 mark against the US dollar. Part of the reason that the euro is doing so well is due to the better than expected economic numbers, including inflation in Germany.
Many think that this is evidence that Mario Draghi‘s stimulus program was too aggressive, and that it might be pulled back soon. Additionally, concerns about Greece are ebbing a little bit as the negotiations continue. While there are worries about the country, the fact that there is still talk about the situation leads many to hope that some sort of resolution will be reached.
At 10:34 GMT EUR/USD has moved up to 1.1352 from the open at 1.1347. EUR/GBP is also higher, moving up to 0.7455 from the open at 0.7441. EUR/JPY is a little bit lower, dropping to 135.2140 from the open at 135.5400.

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