Euro Falls on Greek Debt Worries

Greece is once again in the spotlight, and the euro has touched a one-month low against the US dollar today as concerns about Greek debt once again come to the front of mind.

Euro slipped below the 1.9000 mark against the US dollar earlier in trading today, hitting a one-month low of 1.0885. The euro has since recovered some of those losses, but is still under pressure.
Concerns about Greece are once again coming to the surface as another payment deadline looms and traders speculate about whether or not Greece will be able to meet its obligations.
Some members of the Greek government are considering a small tax on ATM transactions in the hopes of encouraging consumers in Greece to use credit cards rather than deal in cash. This news comes as more and more people are losing confidence in the ruling party’s ability to handle the situation and make good decisions about what to do next.
The US dollar, by contrast, is picking up steam. Traders returned from the long holiday weekend to upbeat news from Janet Yellen.
At 11:49 GMT EUR/USD is down to 1.0921 from the open at 1.0978. EUR/GBP is also lower, dropping to 0.7086 from the open at 0.7097. EUR/JPY is higher, though, gaining to 133.8950 from the open at 133.4710.

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