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According to one of my older polls, more than a half of this blog’s readers pay attention to Forex related news. A more recent poll suggests that FX traders give preference to websites and social networks when reading news about currencies. But what choice do traders have when it comes to getting news via mobile devices, particularly on phones?

I would point out the following possibilities of reading the Forex news while on mobile:
Special apps (FXstreet,, Myfxbook, FXTeam, etc.) work well as they offer fast delivery of the news from the source you chose by installing the company’s app. Unfortunately, the app may come cluttered with various additional products you do not want to see while reading the news. Also, your phone might get cluttered by such specialized apps as opposed to loading websites from one browser app.
News inside the mobile trading platform. If your broker supports trading via mobile phone, it also usually offers some sort of news feed via its trading platform. The obvious advantage of this way of getting your Forex news is that you do not have to switch between apps when you are reading the news or trading.
Mobile-friendly websites (ForexLive, Bloomberg, DailyFX, FXstreet, etc.) offer the best experience as you can easily bookmark as many as you need and switch between them according to your current needs. Too bad, navigation between news categories and a search for some particular news can be more complicated than it would have been in the website’s full version.
Desktop-oriented websites, such as ForexFactory, Zero Hedge (god forbid!), eFXnews, ForexCrunch, and others, including government websites, do not look very friendly on mobile. You have to zoom in and zoom out constantly and it can be a real nuisance to click something. At the same time, the website’s look is preserved and everything can be found in its usual place, making navigation easier.
Social networks (mainly Twitter) are a great source of news, rumors, and insider information. At the same time, Twitter with its short format is perfect for mobile usage. I know traders who keep big news websites open on their desktop PC while still using mobile phone with Twitter to get some insights from it.
I, personally, prefer to get the news from the primary sources directly, but that is only when I am on desktop. When on mobile, my Forex news reading is limited to just a handful of mixed websites — both mobile and non-mobile. And how about you?

How do you get Forex news on mobile?

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If you want to share the best way of reading Forex related news while on a mobile device, please feel free to do so using the commentary form below.

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