Upgrading Easy Trend Visualizer

Easy Trend Visualizer is a really old indicator. I have first uploaded to EarnForex.com back in July 2009 and converted it to MT5 in December that year. Today, I introduced some changes to this trend indicator.
First, the MT4 version has been rewritten completely and should be more compatible with the future builds of MT4. Second, prompted by one of the persistently demanding forum members, I have added another alert option to both MT4 and MT5 version of the indicator. It allows you to get alerts when the price crosses the horizontal line and closes above it (if crossing from below) or below it (if crossing from above). Third, the indicator’s page now properly describes all the input parameters.
Easy Trend Visualizer
If you have any questions or ideas about this trend visualizing indicator for MetaTrader platform, please feel free to post them using the commentary form below.

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