Bitcoin Chart Analysis – BTC Price Soars on Technical Breakout

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Bitcoin surges through the December downtrend.

– Higher prices ahead or another false dawn?

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Bitcoin (BTC) Rally Sparks Optimism but Traders Need to be Wary

The dominant cryptocurrency Bitcoin produced a near $1,000 (15%) rally in a matter of a couple of hours, pushing the coin back above the down trend established back in late December. The technical move – no fundamental reasons were identified at the time of writing – off the lower support level has changed the technical outlook in the short-term with a close around the current levels signaling higher prices. The first upside target is situated at the top of the channel at $8,420 ahead of Fibonacci retracement at $9,385. Support remains firm at $6,400 ahead of the February 6 low at $5,932, while the relative strength indicator is pointing higher and has room to push higher.

We identified a potential Bitcoin breakout earlier this week – Bitcoin (BTC) Price Nears Bear Trend Breakout please note we have changed charts to ProRealTime.

Traders should however be wary of the false breakout at the beginning of March which quickly reversed lower and pushed BTC back below the December down trend. The market will need consolidation at these current levels ($7,700) over the next few days to re-install confidence in the space and allow prices to run higher.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Chart in US Dollars(September 29, 2017 – April 12, 2018)

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— Written by Nick Cawley, Analyst.

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