How to deal with debt collectors?

A lot of times people are caught unprepared when debt collectors knock on their door.
Knowing their and your rights are important – it can help you to react appropriately and to be familiar with the following steps in legal procedures.
Through the whole process be active and careful, otherwise, you might end up paying a lot more than you are supposed to!
What debt collectors can do…
Before giving your information and paying your debt, you have to know what debt collectors can and cannot do!
They have to respect your privacy. They can offer to make a payment plan and ask for payment; they can advise what is possibly going to happen if you don’t pay off your debt.
What debt collectors cannot do…
There are some things they cannot do. They have a schedule that has to be followed. Calling you and sending letters on a daily basis is forbidden – they have a limit!  
Also, using abusive language or discussing your debt with anybody else is not allowed. They cannot deceive you or call you at an unreasonable time.
If any of these listed things is broken, consult with MJW Law whenever you need help and support when dealing with debt collectors.
Guideline in dealing with debt collectors
There are  few simple rules that you would like to follow in order to get the best out of the situation.
Be honest! Tell them the truth about your financial situation. If you can afford it, agree to a payment plan and try to be regular in your payment.
Don’t avoid them! The worst thing is probably trying to ignore and avoid their calls or letters. That way you send them a message ”I’m not going to pay this debt, leave me alone!” which can end up in court.
Track the process! Keep all your letters and make notes about phone calls and conversations. When the time comes, it will all be helpful.
How do I get rid of the debt?
The calculation is the key factor. Think about and estimate your incomes and expenses and make a plan – pay off what you can afford as soon as possible!
Proposing a payment plan to your debt collector should not be refused.
Sometimes, the most effective way to recover debts is to consult with experienced solicitors who can give you the fastest and best results!

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